It's only been a couple weeks since the Helio announced that all their services will be disconnected in May, yet we've already had a flood of Helions switching over to AT&T to continuing using Korean language features, i.e. texting, emails, web browsing. Here's a quick list of Korean-ready devices available on AT&T:

Motorola Backflip (no Korean SMS, yet)
LG Olivine CF360
LG Xenon GR500
LG Shine II GD710
All BlackBerry devices
All iPhone models

As far as SMS, we've tested that they all work within the AT&T network and to users on all the carriers in South Korea.
What a long 3-month process! Seeing the results, however, makes it all worth it. The new furniture, the open space, and the overall efficient use of the space has really made the transition flourish. Also, all the positive feedback from our customers have really encouraged us to keep up with the changes. This newly re-vamped website will hopefully provide you with some good information on how to better use the phone so that you can enjoy it more and make it work for your life, rather than an object you carry around on the side. Thanks again to everyone; for your support and patience through our transitional period. We're coming out strong! :)